Roundcube 1.3.8-compatible plugin to allow a user to self-reset a forgotten password

Been working on lots of little personal projects lately, but find myself running into that old problem of, too much shit to do with not enough time to do it. That’s another way to say, color me lazy, but let’s not reinvent the wheel with everything I do.

Born of this labor…

…I recently found myself in need of a Roundcube 1.3.8-compatible plugin to allow users to self-reset forgotten, lost or corrupted passwords. Surprisingly (to me anyway) this functionality is not built-in and not available through any plugin in the maintained repos. Just when I’d considered starting to write my own, even though I’m not a huge fan of PHP at all, I found this plugin:


But what the crap, it’s 8 years old?! As expected, it didn’t work w/ the more modern version of Roundcube due to some heavy Roundcube codebase changes in the interim.

So, I slapped it on anyway and started doing debug trace by trace until it the plugin was updated and functional. Some minor cosmetic upgrades are still needed and you’ll need to customize it heavily for your own installation, but it is 99% more usable now than it was when I found it.

That said, no guarantees haha…you can find my version at my GitHub here.

As an aside, this is what I love about open source – a person releases some much-needed code to the wilds and years later, someone else is able to come along and extend its useful life with some modding.

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