2018 Motivation and Accountability Data

Some motivation and accountability data going into 2019.

  • I’m cigarette and beer-free for 523 days now.
  • $4,500 saved on cigarettes. Probably close to the same in beer, so altogether $8,000-9,000 not spent on those two things. Probably replaced the cost of those with an increase in Diet Pepsi and running shoes haha…
  • 13,000 cigarettes not smoked.
I was easily on track for 2,500 miles for the year and by May was blasting through a new pair of shoes every couple of months. I left my last job early April for a sabbatical and some self-reflection and accepted the job w/ the KCMO startup mid-June while getting a hell of a lot of running done – 531 miles between the two events – but then…
I got injured on hill sprints.
Then we moved.
Those two things knocked back my training quite a bit in and of themselves.
By late August I was working 80+ hour weeks and that didn’t really start letting up until early November so October and November were shit as far training months were concerned. I managed to get back at it really well in December so here’s hoping I’m able to keep that going.
These things aside, it was a great year for my running and I still feel like I accomplished a hell of a lot:
  • 1,356 tracked miles in 2018, or just shy of a marathon’s distance every week (~26.1 miles/wk).
  • 4.4 million steps logged (both walking and running).
  • ~156,000 calories burned during running.
  • 246 hours spent running.
  • Elevation gain of 61,800 feet, large percentage of that being after we moved east with most of my running now done on the Appalachian Trail.
  • Most miles in a month: 240 miles in May.
  • Least miles in a month: 6.5 miles in November.
  • Longest single run distance: 101K (GPS watch shows 62.76 miles) at the Flatrock 101K in Independence, KS. 16:39:34, 7th my age group, 9th of 32 finishers altogether. The 30-39 year olds were on fire this year hahaha…
  • First ultra: 50 miler at the LBL Trail Run in Grand Rivers, KY. 10:15:25, 25th in my age group, 37th out of I think a couple hundred finishers.
  • Two DNSs: Honeybadger 100 miler in Cheney, KS due to injury and UrbanICT 50 miler in Wichita, KS due to move.
On the radar:
  • I’m doing the LBL 50 miler again in 8 weeks. I’ll probably look for another 50-ish miler or 100K to do in late spring, but it really just depends on what kind of time I can carve out for long runs. It was much easier to go out and do 20 mile training runs in Kansas since I might gain only a couple hundred feet elevation across the whole run whereas here I’m looking at ~160′ in gain every single mile here. As a consequence, the runs take much longer. Eh, we’ll see how it goes.
2018 Running Stats
2018 Running Stats

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