Twitter sentiment analyzer using Tweepy, TextBlob, MariaDB, SQLAlchemy and dataset

I found a fairly decent online tutorial for creating a Twitter sentiment analyzer. Though helpful, I didn’t find that it was particularly intuitive, put together fairly well or workable in Python 3.

So, I took the concepts and substantial amount of the code and started fixing, modifying and rewriting…

You can find my version at my GitHub here. I haven’t finished the sentiment analysis part yet (so wait, why am I calling it a Twitter sentiment analyzer?) but that’s only because I literally just haven’t finished typing it haha…

That minor detail aside, I am excited to share the scraper aspect though – because, well, you can’t analyze data you don’t have so you’ve got to scrape it first, right? This thing chugs along like a champ. And, I’ll be sure to post an update once the sentiment analysis part of the sentiment analyzer is functional.

Full steam ahead!

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