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Canonical releases MicroCloud

Now this is interesting – I hear the launch event did not go off without a hitch, but I bet this will find some use cases.

A decade of developing a programming language

A guy decided to write his own programming language – ten years on, it’s he still hacking away at Inko.


A list of open-source LLMs that are free for commercial use:

The fight to protect a historic music collection

“The [ARChive of Contemporary Music] preserves copies of every recording in all known formats…[and] contains more than 3 [million] pieces of material including photos, videos, DVDs, books, magazines, press kits, sheet music, ephemera and memorabilia.”

Also contains Jeep Holland’s collection and “…most of Rolling Stone Keith Richards’ extensive blues inventory.”

Would love to take a walk through the stacks!

Life of an incarcerated software developer

A nuanced take on what I assume is an almost singularly unique life experience: How I got here

Stock trading bot is up 20% compared to the market as whole…

…when it buys/sells based on signals from members of Congress.


Things I’ve learned about building CLI tools in Python

I’ve written a few CLI tools in Python myself over the years. Simon has some interesting, thoughtful tips and tricks: