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WinWorld, and abandonware

I’ve been on a nostalgia trip lately (again) for vintage computing. Luckily, most of the stuff I’m interested in is old enough that it can fly under the radar and be shared as the companies who created it have long since folded/merged as business entities or have stopped supporting the software altogether.

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SDF Public Access Unix System

I have fond memories of using dial-up BBSs in the early-to-late ’90s in Wichita, Kansas. Once the newfangled World Wide Web caught on, most BBSs went the way of civility and decency in today’s politics. It’s always a treat when I come across one that is still active in 2018 and even more of a treat when it’s been continuously active since the hey-days.

Super Dimension Fortress Public Access Unix System is one of those – thrivin’ and jivin’ since 1987.

Rather than have me recap what it is, just head over to it’s page at Wikipedia to get a glimpse for yourself. Then head over to their site and sign up for an account.

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