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Hacking a 25 Year Old Game To Make It Work

I love the effort Nathan Baggs puts in to making this happen. When I’m out thrifting, I tend to gravitate toward the old technology sections of the store. I’ve managed to build up a fairly decent collection of ’90s/’00s game CDs, half of which won’t run on modern systems. The intellectual exercise alone is worth the challenge.

Worms 2 cover art


“The Core”: resurrecting Atari 2600 homebrew abandonware/vaporware…

…from a single screenshot more than 20 years after it disappeared due to unfortunate circumstances.

Interesting thread here at AtariAge discussing the current effort and a contemporaneous description of the game by the original developer, Paul Oswood, here.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t link to the original screenshot of course:

Original screenshot of
Original screenshot of “The Core” ca. 2000

Programming the Atari 2600 VCS

As I wrote previously, I’m considering taking a stab at programming Atari 2600 games for fun and _.  May just update helpful links here: